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We use our experience and combine it with technology.

Everything that’s on paper must finally face reality. We’re not afraid of this confrontation. When the creativity goes hand in hand with the strategy, every problem becomes a new challenge.
At the end of the day it all comes down to digital.
Digital is real.


Isn’t it funny that our real work is to create a digital world? We open our eyes equally as fast as we open our Macbooks. Apps, websites, graphics are our bread and butter. The blood type is 01100010.


Everyone loves great pictures and good movies, but not necessarily knows how to make them. We do. Trust us, we have gorgeous women and a few ugly men in team, we know how to appreciate beauty.


If you think you know all about OCD you clearly haven't met us in person. Adrian Monk, our Art Director and CEO have a few things in common and the copywriter is just weird. Imperfections drive us mad.


Managing Director

Alex Bogdański


Paweł Klempka

Art Director

Paweł Sobieraj


Maciej Kołakowski

Account Manager

Maria Kropiniewicz


Marcin Chwedziak


+48 511 749 385